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Precision Double Beam Indicator Stand
Precision and Stable
“Stands Alone” in the Marketplace.

- Designed and Built for In-Process and Final Inspection Work.
- Uses Dial Gages, Electronic Gages and Many Other Measuring Instruments.
- Excellent for Tool Makers, Mold Makers, Grinding and Milling Operations, QC and Process Inspections.
- Our Unique Black Granite Double Beam Dial Indicator Stand “Stands Alone” in the Marketplace.
- Accurate in Squareness Between the Dual Columns and the Granite Base, Along With Unprecedented
   Control and Locking Features.
- Turning the Oversize and Comfortable Control Knob Moves the Head in a Smoothly Controlled Fashion.
- A Simple Twist of the Small Locking Knob Locks and Holds the Position for Safety and Accuracy.

Nose Piece:
- Nose Accepts any Drop Dial Indicator
   with a 3/8 Stem Diameter.
- Fine Adjustment over .250” Up and Down.
- Locking Screw Secures Indicator for
   Consistency in Measurement.
Indicator Carriage:
- Oversize Knob Smoothly Allows the
   Carriage to Travel Up and Down.
- Locking Knob Disengages the Carriage for
   Secure and Consistent Lock Down.
Indicator Sold Separately
- Granite Base Size: 2”x 6”x 8”.
- Flatness: .0001”.
- Dual Beams: 1” Diameter x 12” Height,
   Made of Steel.
- Squareness Between the Beams and
   Granite Base Within .001".
- Effective Travel: Approximately 7”.
- Fine Adjustment: Approximately 1/4”.
- Weight: 17 lbs..
Item # :  KPT-64

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