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Precision V-Block and Clamp
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 If You Want Precision You Want KPT TOOL.

  For Over 30 Years KPT TOOL Company Has Designed and Produced Precision Tools for Milling,
Grinding, EDM and Inspection.
  Customer Satisfaction and High Guality Products is Our Number One Priority. Hundreds of Precision
Tools, Gages and Stands. All Tools Made in the USA. Almost Everything in Stock.

KPT Tools
KPT Products Includes:
-Precision Vises-
-Precision V-Blocks-
-Precision Angle Plates-
-Precision Set-Up Tools-
-Inspection Tools-
-Indicator Stands-
-Micrometer Stands-
-Height Gages-
-Transfer Stands-
-Shop Accessories-
ISO 9001 Evaluated Company
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